CNC Cutting Solutions Provider

Get a versatile, feature-rich CNC router today and add beautiful CNC carvings or laser markings to your stone, acrylic, glass, foam, metal, or wood! VICUT is a Chinese CNC engraving machinery manufacturer. Our diverse line-up of CNC machining equipment includes the likes of CNC engraver, laser cutter, plasma cutting machine, graph plotter, waterjet cutter, and more. VICUT CNC engraver and laser cutter have become staples of stone carving, woodworking, metalworking, laser marking and glass engraving industries. Click on any in-stock CNC wood router, water jet, glass engraver, CNC stone router metal laser cutter or acrylic blow molding machine listed in our menu to learn more about the various models we provide. Remember that each CNC engraving solution can be customized for your particular needs. So no matter what you cut, engrave, rout or mark, we can configure a CNC machine to suit your applications and budget. We also welcome oversea agents to join the growing family of VICUT. < More >

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      The 14th Shanghai International Advertising & Logo Exhibition

      Venue: New International Expo Center, Pudong, Shanghai (No. 2345, Long Yang Road)
      Booth No.: D81, W1 Hall

    1. Moving Gantry ATC CNC Router

      The ATC CNC router is widely used to engrave furniture, including handrails, doors, windows, and kitchen cabinets, as well as create miniature acrylic letters.

    1. ASC CNC Router ( Auto Spindle Changer)

      The CNC router with an auto spindle charger is used for engraving furniture, including handrails, doors, windows, and miniature acrylic letters.

    1. 4 AXIS CNC Router

      The 4 axis router is used in furniture and household items, such as doors, windows, kitchen cabinets, acrylic stands, decorative boards, signs and musical instruments.

    1. Multi-head Wood Carving CNC Router

      The multi-head wood carving CNC router has a single or double Z plate with multiple heads, ensuring multiple materials can be processed simultaneously, as well as improve the working efficiency and reduce production time.

    1. Single-head CNC Wood Router, WD Series

      The single head CNC router is used to make wood furniture, wood signs, dimensional signs and cut out letters. It can also cut and engrave on PVC, acrylic, MDF board, and ABS sheets.

    1. CO2 Hybrid Laser Cutter (for Metal &Nonmetal)

      The laser cutter is stable, with a 2 year warranty and comprehensive cutting applications (it can cut stainless steel, carbon steel, acrylic and other metal and non-metal materials).

    1. Laser Welding Machine

      The laser welding machine is used to weld metal letters, LED illuminated letters, customized metal signs, and exterior billboards.

    1. Roll to Roll Label Cutter, VCT-LCP

      The label cutter is fast and precise, working on multiple label varieties, making it suitable for small production.

    1. ARMS Servo Cutting Plotter

      Make Signs for shop windows, cars and vans. Cut material for heat pressing logos and slogans onto T-Shirts. In house signs and graphic designs making of arts, crafts and labels.