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Highlight Acrylic Letter CNC Machining Center

1. Using a fixed frame gantry column and a movable mobile transmission mode, this movable CNC cutter is stable and features less vibration.
2. The table moving ATC CNC cutter uses a heavy duty, industrial seamless welded design, construction and welding anti-deformation finite element method, as well as a low temperature annealing by the CNC to ensure the optimum strength and rigidity.
3. The multiple adjustable machine feet touch the ground and are easy to adjust in order to keep the machine balanced.


Engraving and cutting for acrylic, wood sheets, PVC, ABS sheets, aluminum sheets and brass.

The movable table ATC CNC cutter is used for engraving in the advertisement industry, especially for miniature word processing and acrylic luminous characters. This CNC cutter is also used in building models, plastic and wood models, musical instruments and 3D surface processing.

Technical Parameters:
Dimension 1540 × 1520mm 5.04'×4.98' 2500 × 3200 mm 8.2'×10.5'
Working size 1270 × 1270 × 200MM (4.2'×4.2' × 0.67') 2440 × 1270 × 200MM (8'×4.2' × 0.67')
Transmission X,Y,Z high precision import ball screw
Guiding rails Taiwan PMI linear guide rails
Max speed 20000mm/Min
Repeat precision 0.025mm
Spindle motor 5.5KW Chinese air cooling ATC spindle (9KW HSD is optional)
Tool stock 4-10pcs (for ATC spindle)
Tool sensor Equipped with an automatic surface detector
Working table Fully zoned vacuum table
Driving motor Panasonic servo motor
Controller NC studio or Taiwan Syntec professional CNC controller system
Packing size 2.1 × 2.2 × 1.7m ( 7.9CBM) 3.15 × 2.2 × 1.75m (12.2CBM)
Weight 1800KGS 2500KGS
  • Base frame
  • Spindle motor
  • Control cabinet with air conditional
  • Syntec controller
  • Servo motor
  • Guide rail and ball screw
  • Vacuum system
  • Oil lubricator
  • Mist sparyer
  • Tool sensor
  • Electric cabinet
  • Design software
Optional Devices:
  • Circular ATC tool holder
  • Dust skirts
  • Control cabinet with air conditioner
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