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CNC Router for Sign Making, S series

1. The CNC router has a cast iron machine body.
2. The X and Z axis use round rails, the Y axis uses Taiwanese PMI linear square rail. The X, Y and Z axis use an imported ball screw transmission to ensure the accuracy of the working pieces.
3. The controller has a USB interface to support offline work.
4. Both X and Y axis have an anti-dust soft cover to protect the guiding rail and the ball screw.

1. Make unique, customized signage.
2. Create a variety of sign styles, including 3D letters, dimensional signs, and beautiful print-to-cut designs.
3.Cut sign foam, plastics (including acrylic and PVC), metals (including aluminum, copper/brass), wood, etc.

Technical Parameters:
Model VCT- 6090S
Machine Dimension 880x1120mm (2.89'×3.67')
Working Size 600×900×90mm (1.97'×2.95'× 0.3')
Spindle Power Water cooling1.5KW
Engraving Speed 8000mm/ minute
XYZ Transmission XYZ ball screw
Spindle Rotate Speed 6000-24,000rpm
Motor Driver Stepper motor driver ( servo is optional)
Tool Diameter 4mm,6mm, 8mm,12mm
Machine Structure Casting iron and welding
XYZ Rails Y axis PMI square rails ,XZ round rails
Mechanical Accuracy < 0.03/300mm
Control System DSP handle with USB
Supporting Format G code or HPGL
Working Voltage AC220V/50Hz or 380V/50Hz
Weight 320KGS
Packing Size (L×W×H) 1500×1200×1650mm (2.97CBM)
  • Base frame
  • DSP controller
  • Spindle motor
  • Ball screw pole bolt
  • Guide rails
  • Stepper motor
  • Dust cover
  • Electric cabinet
Optional Devices:
  • Vacuum system
  • Mist sprayer
  • Dust skirts
  • Tool sensor
  • Design software
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