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S Series Mini CNC Center(ACR)

1. The mini industrial CNC router has an integral cast iron milling table made using a mold.
2. It features a rolling ball screw and a linear guide from Taiwan.
3. The CNC router has a strong construction design, easy operation and reliable performance.
4. It also has a customized design, size and color, as well as optional OEM services.

1. Process materials: aluminum, jade, stainless steel, copper, brass, acrylic, wood and marble
2. Application field: custom signs, nametags, asset tags, electric tags, awards, jewelry, gifts, parts manufacturing, games, PCB markings, soft metal crafts and more.

Technical Parameters:
Model VCT- 4540A/C/R VCT-6040A/C/R
Machine Dimension 1350 × 1310mm (4.26' ×4.26') 1600x1310mm( 5.25'x4.3' )
Working Size 450 ×400 × 90mm (1.48' ×1.3' ×0.3' ) 600 ×400 × 90mm (1.97'x1.31'x0.3')
Spindle Power 800W/1500W high accuracy water cooling spindle/ 6000~24000rpm
Control System DSP handle A11 with USB ( DSP A58 is optional)
Transmission XYZ ball screw & linear square rails
Driving Motor High precision 3-phase stepper motor ( servo is optional)
Max Engraving Speed 4500mm/min
XYZ Resolution 0.0125mm
File Format G code or HPGL
Weight 370/550/400KGS 420/600/450KGS
Packing Size 4540A(960x910x1600mm) C(1530x1170x1740mm) R(1150x1110x1600mm) (1.40CBM/3.11CBM/2.04CBM) 6040A(1110X1110X1800mm) C(1620X1330X1950mm) R(1300x1110x1800mm) (2.21CBM/4.20CBM/2.60CBM))
  • DSP controller
  • Spindle
  • Ball screw
  • Fasten nut
  • Stepper motor and driver
  • Linear square guide
  • Water cooling system
Optional Devices:
  • Circular chuck
  • Rotary axis
  • Tool sensor
  • Design software
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