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WD Series Single-Head Wood Router

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

Single Head Wood Router WD Series
Photos of complete equipment set

  • VCT- 1325WDC
  • VCT- 1325WDS

WD series woodworking CNC router is built on W series technologies blended with years of experience. Compared with W series unit, WD woodworking router features a heavier base frame, tougher gantry support, and operates more stably, quietly, and accurately. Common uses of this single-head CNC wood router include wood carving, acrylic panel processing, 3D engraving, relief carving, aluminum panel cutting and drilling, and stone engraving, etc.

Applications Include
Routing out wood signs
Cutout letters
Control Panels
Cutting out sheets of material up to 4'x8'
2.5D and 3D signs in sign foam, wood, and more.

Single-Head Wood Router Components Explained

1. Z Axis
Tasteful exterior, scientific design, steady movement with high accuracy.

2. Air Cooled Spindle
Quality 3.7kw air-cooled spindle performs powerfully and stably in machining solid wood, MDF, acrylic, aluminum and plastics, etc. Different power options are available including 220V-2 Phase-50-60Hz, 220V-3 Phase-50-60Hz or 380V, 3Phase-50-60Hz. Choices of tools include those of 4mm, 6mm, 8mm and 12mm in diameter.

3. CNC Display
CNC display provides a user-friendly interface which allows users to control the single-head CNC wood router fast and precisely via a computer. Differential inputs and outputs make for trouble-free signal transmission. Other desirable features on this single-head CNC wood router of computer numerical control include power failure protection, linear interpolation, circular interpolation, intelligent pre-fetch (prepare data beforehand for later use), reverse cutting, backlash compensation, breakpoint continuation, and block skip, etc.

4. Stepper Motor
Industrial-grade high-power stepper motor shows exceptional wear resistance. As long as it is properly operated, the motor can deliver years of maintenance-free service.

5. Ball Screw
A deep grooved raceway on which steel balls roll smoothly offers high rigidity, vibration and shock resistance.

6. Gear Rack and Pinion
Great load bearing capacity and steady motion

7. Linear Square Guide
25MM linear square guide purchased from THK Co., Ltd.

8. Aluminum Table
Aluminum alloy is used to construct the work table which can be installed either crosswise or lengthwise.

9. Electric Cabinet
Housed inside the mobile, double-door electric cabinet are neatly wired electrical components. The enclosure allows for easy access to and servicing of single-head CNC wood router when needed. There is a tag attached to each wire so that when service is required, the repair man can easily navigate the cabinet.

10. Auto Tool Sensor
Auto tool sensor provides automatic tool length calibration, keeping an accurate "Z" zero position easily and allowing for single and multiple tool changes through the programming which saves time and is error-free.

11. Photoelectric Limit Switch
More sensitive and durable than traditional mechanical switch, maintenance-free for long term use.

12. Dust Cover
Dust covers for X and Y axes protect the transmission systems from dust pollution during machine working. They extend the working life of those parts.

13. Foot Pads
Foot pads make it easier to level the machine accurately.

Parameters of Single-Head CNC Wood Router

Model VCT-1325WDC VCT- 1325WDS
Table Size 1400×2640mm(4.6'×8.7'×0.5')
MAX. Working Area 1300×2500×160mm(4'×8'×0.5')
Transmission Z axis: TBI ball screw (double-bolt)
X,Y axes: high precision gear rack
Y axis: TBI ball screw (double-bolt)X,
Z axes: TBI ball screw single-bolt
XYZ Guide Rails XYZ AXIS PMI square rails
Cutting Speed 12000mm/ minute
Spindle Power Water cooling 3.0KW
Spindle Rotation 24000rpm
Motor Driver Stepper motor driver
Tool Diameter Ø3.175, Ø4, Ø6, Ø8mm
Machine Structure Heavy Duty All-Steel Construction
Machining Accuracy <0.03/300mm
Control System Original CNC display
File Format G code or HPGL
Working Voltage AC220V/50Hz or 380V/50Hz
Net Weight 1300KG
Packing Size(L×W×H) 3860x2230x1600mm 3860x2230x1600mm


1. Spindle
Water-cooled or air cooled motor-driven spindle provides choices of motor power, made in either China or Italy.

2. Vacuum Table
Multi-zone vacuum chuck allows operators to switch on or off one or more vacuum zones so that the whole table area or only part of it can be involved in the engraving process. Gasket cords can be adjusted to seal the perimeter of work-piece of various sizes and shapes. Aluminum alloy can be used to construct the vacuum fixture.

3. PVC on Aluminum Table
Black 7mm PVC on top of aluminum profile table, protecting the table from cutting or scratching.

4. Servo Motor
AC Panasonic Servo motor for more smooth motion and triple working speed, requiring no regular maintenance.

5. Mist Sprayer
Mist sprayer sprays oil mist onto the surface being machined. The oil is critical for cooling and lubrication.

6. Dust Ruffles
Dust ruffles keep out dust while allowing ease of tool loading.

Samples workable with WD series single-head wood router

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