Gantry Move Flat & Rotary CNC Wood Router

1. The heavy duty machine body and thick steel tube welding structure ensures a stable work performance and high accuracy.
2. The FR series CNC router is a must have for 2D and 3D engraving jobs. Multiple spindles and rotary axes can process cylindrical materials as well as flat with a high efficiency.
3. The use of power mill software to make a special design allows for 4 axis (XYZA) movements simultaneously.
4. The maximum Z axis plate width is 900mm, ensuring the balance during operation to avoid vibration.
5. A large size with more heads (up to 16) can be customized.

The engraving and cutting on flat or column material can work on wood, acrylic, PVC, ABS, aluminum and brass
This 2D and 3D flat and rotary CNC carving router is used for making antique furniture, mahogany furniture, European style furniture, doors, windows, stairs, handrails, kitchen cabinets, book cases and more.

Technical Parameters:
Model VCT-1518FR-4H VCT-1525FR-6H VCT-2225FR-8H VCT-3230FR-2Z-10H
Dimension 2000×2200mm (6.6'×7.2') 2000×2900mm (6.6'×9.5') 2700×2900mm (8.9'×9.5') 3700×3400mm (12.1'×11.1')
2D Working Size 1500×1800×200mm (4.92'×5.90'×0.66') 1500×2500×200mm (4.92'×8.20'×0.66') 2200×2500×200mm (7.2'×8.20'×0.66') 3200 ×3000×20 mm (10.5' × 9.8' × 0.66')
3D Rotary Working Size(L*D) 1500 × 250mm 2000 × 250mm 2000 × 250mm 2000 × 250 mm
Spindle Power Water cooling 2.2kw Water cooling 2.2kw Water cooling 2.2kw Water cooling 2.2kw
No. Of Rotary 4 PCS 6 PCS 8 PCS 10 PCS
No. Of Motors & Drivers 8pcs stepper motors (servo is optional) 10pcs stepper motors (servo is optional) 6pcs Panasonic/Schneider Servo Motors 7pcs Panasonic /Schneider Servo Motors
Air Cylinder Support Yes (300MM long air cylinder)
Oil Lubrication system Yes
Tool Diameter 4,6, 8, 12mm
Body Structure Heavy-duty steel tube welding
XYZ Transmission XZ TBI ball screw, Y gear rack
Guiding Rails XYZ PMI or HIWIN linear square rails
Reposition Accuracy < 0.03/300mm
Max Engraving Speed 12000mm /m 15000mm /m
Spindle Speed 6000~24000rpm
Controller 4 axis NC Studio controller with handle wheel( use computer to control the machine)
Format of instructions G code or HPGL
Voltage 380V/60Hz or 220V/50HZ
Weight 800KG 1500KG 2500KG 3000KG
Packing size 1485× 1950×1750mm ( 5CBM) 1900×2200×2200mm (9.2CBM) 3000×2200×2200mm (15CBM) 4200×2200×2200mm (21CBM)
  • Strong base
  • Multi spindle
  • TBI 4010 ball screw
  • Gear rack and guide
  • 4 axis NC Studio controller
  • Rotary head
  • Servo motor
  • Oil lubrications
  • Electric cabinet
  • Power mill
Optional Devices:
  • 3D scanner
  • Control cabinet with air conditioner
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