Table Move Rotary CNC Wood Router

1. Using a fixed frame gantry column with cement inside the steel tube, the table, instead of the gantry, moves in its working mode. This ensures a more stable performance and less vibration.
2. We use milling for machining the CNC machine’s bed as well as the area in which the linear guides, gear racks, and rotary belt boxes will be installed in order to guarantee the parallels and precise perpendicular and vertical traits.
3. The multiple rotary CNC wood router uses a heavy duty industrial seamless welded design, as well as a construction and welding anti-deformation finite element method and a low temperature annealing to ensure the optimum strength and rigidity.
4. The movable table multiple rotary CNC wood router comes with multiple adjustable feet that touch the ground. These feet are esy to adjust and ensure the balance of the machine.
5. The Z plate’s maximum width is 900mm, ensuring the stability and accuracy of the CNC wood router.

This machine engraves and cuts wood sheets, PVC, ABS sheets, aluminum sheets, and brass.
The rotary CNC wood router is used to carve cylinders, irregular objects, European style furniture, stairs, handrails, and household art pieces.

Technical Parameters:
Model VCT-TM2520R-8H VCT-TM2512R-12H
Dimensions 2500 ×2400mm (8.2'×7.9') 2500 ×1600mm (8.2'×5.2')
Spindle Power air cooling 2000W×8PCS Water cooling 2200W×12PCS
Inverter Brand Schneider/Fuling Schneider/Fuling
No. Of Rotary 8 PCS 12PCS
Rotary transmission One hybrid servo motor drive one rotary with belt box transmission
Motors & Drivers XYZ axes use Panasonic/Schneider servo motor, A axis use hybrid servo
3D Rotary Working Size 2000mm(length) × 250mm(rotary diameter) 1200mm(length) × 250mm(rotary diameter)
Air Cylinder Support Yes (300MM long air cylinder)
Oil Lubrication system Yes
Tool Diameter 4/6/8/12mm
Body Structure Heavy duty steel tube welding
XYZ Transmission XYZ TBI 4010 ball screw
Guiding Rails XYZ PMI Imported Linear Square Rails
Reposition Accuracy <0.03/300mm
Max Engraving Speed 15000mm/m
Spindle Speed 6000~240000rpm
Controller 4 axis NC Studio Controller with handle wheel ( Use computer to control the machine)
Format of instructions G code or HPGL
Voltage 380V/60Hz or 220V/50HZ
Weight 2500KG
Packing size 5000×2200×2200mm(24.2CBM) 2700×2200×2200mm(13.1CBM)
  • Machine body
  • Multi spindle
  • Ball screw
  • Rotary transmission
  • 4-axis NC Studio controller
  • Gear rack and guide
  • Rotary head
  • Servo motor
  • Oil lubricator
  • Electric cabinet
  • PowerMill
  • Rotary holder
Optional Devices:
  • 3D scanner
  • Control cabinet with air conditioner
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