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Multi-head CNC Wood Router

1. The multi-head wood carving CNC router has a single or double Z plate with multiple heads, ensuring that multiple materials can be processed simultaneously, as well as improving the working efficiency and reducing production time.
2. The number of heads can be customized as per customer's requirements.

1. Wood carving for furniture, doors, windows, antique furniture, Mahogany furniture, chairs, stairs, and wood artwork.
2. Engraving and carving on instruments, 3D light boxes, aluminum composite panels, and other decorations.

Technical Parameters:
Model VCT-1518W-4H VCT-2013W-6H VCT-2530W-8H VCT-3230W-2Z-12H
Machine Dimension 2100×2400×1900mm (6.89×7.87×6.23ft) 2600×1900×1900mm (8.53×6.23×6.23ft) 3100×3600×1900mm (10.17×11.81×6.23ft) 3800×3600×1900mm (12.47×11.81×6.23ft)
Working Size 1500×1800×180mm (4.9×5.9×0.59ft) 2000×1300×180mm (6.56×4.26×0.59 ft ) 2500 × 3000 × 200mm (8.2×9.8×0.67 ft) 3200 ×3000 ×200mm (10.5×9.8×0.66ft )
Spindle Power 2.2KW×4PCS 2.2KW×6PCS 2.2KW × 8PCS 2.2KW × 12PCS
Motor & Driver stepper (servo motor is optional) XYZ axis use Chinese servo motor (ESTUN or Dorna ) Schneider / Panasonic servo motor 1KW Schneider / Panasonic servo motor 1KW
Tool Diameter 4,6, 8, 12mm
Body Structure Thick steel tube welding
Transmission XYZ high accuracy TBI ball screw(gear rack is optional) XY axis gear rack, Z axis high accuracy TBI ball screw XY axis gear rack, Z axis high accuracy TBI ball screw XY axis gear rack, Z axis high accuracy TBI ball screw
XYZ Guiding Rails Original Taiwan PMI square rails
Machining Accuracy <0.03/300mm
Maxi Engraving Speed 8000mm/m 12,000mm/m 15,000mm/m 15,000mm/m
Spindle Speed 6000~24000rpm
Controller original 3 Axis NC Studio controller with handle wheel (connect with PC directly)
Supporting file Format G code or HPGL
Voltage AC220V/50HZ or 380V/60Hz
Weight 800KG 1300KG 2500KG 3000KG
Packing size 2.45×2.6×2m 12.74CBM 2.85×1.95×2m 11.12CBM 3.2×4×2.2m 28.16CBM 4.2×4×2.2m 36.96CBM
  • Base frame
  • Water cooling spindle
  • Enhanced carrying pole
  • Ball screw and gear rack
  • Linear square rails
  • 3 axis NC Studio controller
  • Electric cabinet
  • Motor
  • Automatic oil lubricator
Optional Devices:
  • Dust skirts
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