Single-head CNC Wood Router, W Series

1. The machine body is welded using thick square steel tubes for a strong and durable construction and a reliable performance.
2. The single head CNC router is used to mill, drill, cut, and engrave different types of wood and other materials for making signs and woodworking.
3. The CNC router has multiple usages in a variety of industries. It is easy to operate with low cost and few maintenance, and is extremely cost effective.
4. The configurations can be adjusted according to the processing material type, size and thickness. The machine color, size and design can be customized as per customer's requirements.
5. OEM is available.

The single head CNC router can cut and engrave wood, PVC, acrylics, MDF board, and ABS sheets.
It is widely used to make wood furniture, wood signs, dimensional signs and cut out letters.

Technical Parameters:
Model VCT- 1325W VCT- 1530W VCT-2030W
Machine Dimension 1540 x 2640 mm 8.66'x5.04' 1650 x3600mm 5.41'x11.8' 2100 x3500mm 6.89'x11.18'
Working Size 1300 x 2500 x 180mm 4.26'x8.20'x0.59' 1500 x 3000 x 180mm 4.92'x9.84'x0.59' 2000 x 3000 x 180mm 6.56'x9.84'x0.59'
Spindle Power water cooling 3.0kw water cooling 3.0kw water cooling 4.5kw
Engraving Speed 12000mm/ Minute
XYZ Transmission XY gear rack, Z high accuracy TBI ball screw
Spindle Rotate Speed 6000~24000rpm
Motor Driver high accuracy stepper motor with lead shine or YAKO driver
Tool Diameter 4,6, 8, 12mm
Machine Structure Thick steel tube welding
XYZ Rails XYZ axis Taiwan PMI square rails
Mechanical Accuracy <0.03/300mm
Control System DSP Handle with USB(NC Studio is optional)
Support Format G code or HPGL
Working Voltage AC220V/50Hz or 380V/60Hz
Weight 1300kg 1800kg 2300kg
Packing Size 3.15x2.2x1.75m(12.2CBM) 4.0x 2.25x 1.95m(18CBM) 3.8x 2.25x 1.9m(16CBM)
  • Base frame
  • Guide and rack
  • TBI ball screw
  • Stepper motor
  • Control cabinet
  • Water cooling spindle
  • Oil lubricator
  • DSP Controller
Optional Devices:
  • Vacuum inhaling system
  • Mist sprayer
  • Dust skirts
  • Tool sensor
  • Design software
  • Side rotary
  • Back rotary
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