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CNC Router for Sign Making, WE Series

1. The machine body is made of casting. The volume production is very cost-effectiveand with low cost.
2. It can mill, drill, cut, engrave different types of wood and other material for sign making and woodworking.
3. Multi functional usage in many industries, easy operation, less maintenance.
4. The configuration can be adjusted according to processing material type, size, and thickness. Machine color can be customized. OEM is acceptable.

1. Woodworking (main use): Cut and carve images on solid wood, plywood, PVC and MDF boards. It can also be used to make wood doors, windows, tables and chairs.
2. Advertising: The CNC router can cut and engrave on acrylic, foam boards and KT boards. It is widely used to create a variety of sign styles, including 3D cutout letters, dimensional signs and print to cut designs.
3. Cut and engrave on soft metal sheets, including aluminum, copper and brass.

Technical Parameters:
Model VCT-1318WE VCT-1325WE VCT-1530WE
Machine Dimension 1540 x 2320 mm (5.04'x7.60') 1520×2850mm (4.98'×9.34') 1650 x3600mm (5.41'x11.8')
Working Size 1300X1800X150mm (4.3'x5.9'x0.49') 1300×2500×150mm (4.3'×8.2'×0.49') 1500x3000x150mm (4.9'x9.8'x0.49')
Spindle Power Water cooling 3.0KW
Engraving Speed 8000mm/ Minute
XYZ Transmission XY Gear rack, Z Ball screw(1605)
Spindle Rotate Speed 6000--24000rpm
Motor Driver Leadshine Stepper motor driver
Tool Diameter 4mm,6mm, 8mm,12mm
XYZ Rails XYZ AXIS all use PMI Linear Square rails (20mm)
Mechanical Accuracy <0.03/300mm
Control System DSP Handle with USB
Support Format G code or HPGL
Working Voltage AC220V/50Hz or 380V/50Hz
Packing Size 2.46 x 1.8 x 1.7m (7.6CBM) 3.2×1.71×1.65m (9.03CBM) 4.0x 2.25x 1.7m (15.3CBM)
Weight 700KG 950KG 1300KG
  • Base frame
  • Gear rack and ball screw
  • Stepper motor
  • Build-in control cabinet
  • Water cooling spindle
  • DSP controller
Optional Devices:
  • Oil lubricator
  • Dust collector
  • Vacuum inhaling system
  • Tool sensor
  • Design software
  • Mist sprayer
  • Water sprayer cooling system and water tank
  • Rolling bar material holder
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