Metal Cutting CNC Router, MD Series

This metal cutting CNC router can be used to cut and engrave on both metal and non-metal sheets. OEM service is also available.

1. Metal Sheets:
The metal cutting CNC router can cut stainless steel sheets within a thickness of 1.2mm, aluminum sheets within a thickness of 20mm, galvanized steel sheets within a thickness of 1.5mm. It can also conduct copper sheet engraving, stone engraving, marble engraving, and aluminum engraving with water injection.

2. Non-metal Sheets:
PVC, acrylic, Perspex, poly foam, polycarbonate, and wood.

Technical Parameters:
Model VCT-1325MD VCT-1530MD
Machine Dimension 1540 x 2640 mm (8.66'x5.04') 2000x3100mm(6.6'x10')
Working Size 1300*2500*180mm 1500*3000*180mm
Spindle Power 5.5KW water cooling
Engraving Speed 10m/min
XYZ Transmission XY Helical gear rack, Z TBI ball screw
Spindle Speed 24000rpm
Drive System High accuracy Leadshine hybrid servo motor with driver; use SIMPO planet reducer to connect motor and gear rack
Machine Structure Heavy duty cast square tube
XYZ Rails XYZ Axis Taiwan PMI square rails with oil lubrication system
Mechanical Accuracy 0.1mm
Controller NC Studio control system (DSP is optional)
Supporting Format G code
Working Voltage AC220V/50Hz
Weight 1500kg 2000kg
Packing Size 3.15x2.2x1.75m(12.2CBM) 4.0x 2.25x 1.95m(18CBM)
  • Base frame
  • Guide and rack
  • TBI ball screw
  • Stepper motor
  • Control cabinet
  • Water cooling spindle
  • X gantry rails
  • Tool sensor
  • DSP controller
  • Auto oil pump
  • Mist sprayer cooler
  • Motor reducer
Optional Devices:
  • Vacuum inhaling system
  • Dust skirts
  • 3D scanner
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