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Foam Engraving CNC Machine

1. Whole machine is welded with seamless steel structure, which is processed with high temperature annealing and vibrating stress relief treatment, so the lathe body is stabilized and will not be deformed forever.
2. Balance cylinder, it helps the machine work more stable, and protect the ball screw and servo motor.
3. X and Y axis are transmitted by big module helical/diagonal rack and pinion. This makes the machine work faster and has larger cutting force compared with ball screw transmission.
4. Z axis size can be customized, with big size working stroke.
5. Re-carving after break point or power failure and it can estimate the processing time.
6. Electric cables with high abrasion, fold, high temperature, acid or alkali resistance.
7. Operating with 3D scanner, the machine can engrave any shape you scanned.
8. OEM service is available. Design, color, size, and components can be customized.

Suitable for working on syrofoam, wood and most of nonmetal materials, especially for the following fields:
1. Mold: Suitable for processing kinds of nonmetal materials, especial for EPS car mold, wood mold for ship, plane and train.
2. Music Instrument: cutting and engraving curved surface of large-scale music instruments.

Technical Parameters:
Model VCT-2030FE VCT-2040FE VCT-2550FE
Machine Dimension 2500X3500mm 2500x4500mm (8.2'X14.76') 3000x5500mm (9.84'X18')
Working Size (X*Y*Z) 2000×3000×600mm (6.6'x9.8'x2.0') 2000×4000×1000mm 2500×5000×1200mm
(6.6'x13.1'x3.3') (8.2'x16.4'x3.9')
Working accuracy ±0.15mm
Preposition accuracy ±0.12mm
Spindle Power 5.5kw air cooling spindle
XYZ Transmission XY axis with gear rack, Z axis with ball screw
Max. Travel Speed 20000mm /min 30000mm /min
Max. Working Speed 15000mm /min 25000mm/min
Spindle Rotate Speed 6000-24000rpm
Space between spindle and worktable 150-750mm 150-1050mm 150-1250mm
Driving Motor XYZ 1.3kw Yaskawa servo, Z with brake
Controller system NC Studio 3 axis controller
Voltage AC220V/50HZ or AC380V/60Hz
File Format G code or HPGL
Dimensions 1850x2200x2000mm 3050x2200x2000mm 4600x3600x2000mm
Weight 4000KGS 4500KGS 6000KGS
  • Base frame
  • Guide and rack pinion
  • TBI ball screw
  • Servo motor
  • Control cabinet
  • Air cooling spindle
  • Central lubricator
  • NC Studio
  • Vacumm inhaling system
  • Dust collector
Optional Devices:
  • Rotary device for foam engraver
  • ATC system with tool holder
  • 3D scanner
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