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Digital Flatbed Cutter

1) Direct USB makes the flatbed cutter reliable and convenient.
2) Automatic Registration Mark System.
3) Software: The DragonCut software leads to a formidable combination of sign design and layout tools with excellent engineering, so you can rapidly produce super accurate signage and decals with pinpoint contour cutting, in order to achieve the most outstanding and professional results.
4) The linear guide of the flatbed cutter ensures high speed and few errors.
5) The flatbed cutter features imported digital servo drivers.
6) The flatbed cutter has an LCD touch screen which can be displayed either in English or Chinese.


Packaging DIY, signage, graphics, pre-printing, die cutting, handbag industries, etc.

Cardboard, craft paper, plastic board, fibrous cardboard, rubber sheet and marking film, etc.
PVC: Less than 0.4mm
Reflective film: All types
Abrasive paper: Less than 500gsm
Magnetic media : Less than 0.5mm ,
PET: Less than 0.3mm, vinyl, etc.
PET: Less than 0.3mm, vinyl

Technical Parameters:
Flatbed Cutter VCT-MFC4060 VCT-MFC6090
Body Frame Desktop With Foothold
Machine Dimension 1050x790mm(3.44'x2.59') 1450x1380mm(4.75'x4.53')
Effective Cutting Area 400mm*600mm (1.31'x1.97') 600mm*900mm (1.97'x2.95')
Cutting Tool Type Pen & Blade& Creasing Wheel
Cutting Images (ARMS) With Automatic Registration Mark System
Interface USB and SD card
Resolution 0.01254
Command Mode HP-GL compatible format
Max. Speed 900mm/s
Max. Downward Force 1,000g
Max. Cutting Depth 1.2mm
Media Fixture Method Vacuum suction with Vacuum Pump
Repeat Precision ≤0.05mm
Control System Servo
Programme DragonCut from Australia
Power Supply 110V or 220V
Working Environment 5 to 35 Degrees
Weight 72KGS 100KGS
Packing Size 110×90×54cm (0.56CMB) 121×129×45cm (0.7CMB)

Why do we need this flatbed cutting plotter?
A. Some customers like to cut hard or thick medias, like PVC, reflective film, abrasive paper, hard paper, magnetic paper, PET, etc.
B. As we know, vinyl cutting plotter can not cut off media, to avoid cutting the mat. However, when some media need to be cut off in some cases, a flatbed cutter is necessary.
C. To cut soft media, which can not be realized by a cutting plotter, a flatbed cutter is a good choice.

Seq. Picture Detail Instruction
1. Cutting head: It has three kinds of tools including blade, pen, and creasing tool
2. Cutting table: It is a vacuum inhaling table, controlled by a vacuum pump.
3. Control panel: The user-friendly control panel is equipped with English display LED screen. You can easily do what you want.
4. USB and SD interface: You can input the file with USB flash disc and SD card directly to cut the media without connection with PC.
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