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M Series Mini CNC Center

Metal Mould ATC CNC Center (Auto Tool Changer)

1. Working table is casting iron.
2. All machine iron parts are processed with high temperature heating treatment, then put into natural environment for more than 6 months, ensuring no permanent deformation.
3. Machine parts are processed by CNC center to ensure high precision.

It is mainly used for milling metals with high precision for mould industry, like stainless steel, aluminum, etc.

Technical Parameters:
Model VCT-M4242ATC VCT-M6050ATC
Machine Size 540×440mm 720×550mm
Working Size 420×420×150mm 600×500×150mm
Spindle Power Oil cooling 3.0KW
Spindle Rotation 7000~24000rpm
Motor Driver Japanese servo motor
Transmission Ball screw
XYZ Rails HIWIN square rails
Dust-proof System XYZ high quality dust cover
Mechanical Accuracy ±0.012/300mm
Engraving Speed 8m/minute
Idle Running Feed Rate 10 m/min
Data Transmission System Default ( Taiwan Syntec controller 6MA)
Support Format HPGL G code or HPGL
Working Voltage 380V/50Hz
Net Weight 1000KGS 1200KG
Packing Size 1560*1310*2140mm(4.37CBM) 1760*1510*2140mm(5.69CBM)
Seq. Picture Detail Instruction
1 Machine body with cover: The whole machine construction is special in appearance design. It is concise and strong. The outer cover prevents dust and reduces noise.
2 ATC Spindle: The spindle is oil cooling 3.0KW auto tool changer (ATC). It is fully programmable from 3000~24,000 rpm.
3 Tool Stock: 5 sets BT30 tool stations are installed on the back or side of machine body. This traditional way of changing tools is well received by most of users.
4 CNC Controller: Syntec 6MA controller is special for ATC CNC, which is for high accuracy positioning. It is compatible with USB flash drives and is very easy for users to do wiring. It can save a lot of time. It supports 4 servo axes + 1 spindle. 4 axes can be interpolated simultaneously, and it has power failure protection function.
5 Servo Driving System: This is a fully closed loop servo system using Japanese servo motors & drives. The motors run very smoothly and have very good acceleration and deceleration curves. Servo motor connects with Japanese SIMPO reducer which can decrease and control reverse gap, ensuring the working accuracy.
6 Central Oil Lubricator: It is easier to lubricate the guide units regularly. Just pull it gently, and oil will flow when it is needed.
7 Cooling system: Spray oil or other coolants to the tools during cutting, which makes the cutting edge smoother and protects the cutting tools.
8 Tool Sensor: Automatic tool length calibration and registration allow for easy and accurate "Z" zero position for single and multiple tool changes through the program. It saves time and avoids errors.
9 Design software: The professional design software (Type 3, UcancamV10, Artcam, etc.) is special for making 2D/3D drawing. Save it as G code which can be recognized by CNC router.
Optional Devices:
Seq. Picture Detail Instruction
1 Removable rotary axis: It is used for processing column materials. The rotary axis is fixed on the working table with screws, and can be removed easily for normal use.
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