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Suggestions for Machine Selection

VICUT can provide any OEM CNC engraving and cutting equipment, whatever your needs. VICUT can find a suitable model for you. VICUT engineers will offer every customer a unique set of solutions. We will take into consideration the quality, productivity, production cost, price and other factors, to work out the most suitable engraving equipment!

To determine which type of VICUT is suitable for you, there are three questions you need to answer. Then our engineers can select a suitable model, and send you an offer!

1: Which material do you want to process?
The materials to process determines the CNC devices and the configuration you need. For example, CNC router carves or cuts off the surface of the material, so the machine body structure and components quality will affect the working performance very much.

2: What size do you want to process?
The size of the material determines the size of working table. It also affects the working mode of the machine. For example, if you need to carve wood to make furniture, each wood piece should be 300mm wide, and you need to make 8pcs at the same time, then we would recommend you our “8 heads wood CNC carving machine”; if you need to cut stickers with size of printed image more than 1 meter, we will recommend you our “ARMS servo cutting plotter”.

3: How do you want to process the material?
If we know how to process the material, we can check and select the suitable accessories. For example, If you want a CNC router to carve mahogany furniture, we will match 4pcs of 2.2KW spindle for the machine; If you want to cut soft metal and marble sculpture, we will recommend you 3KW spindle; If you want to carry out kiss cutting on stickers, we will recommend you cutting plotter; If you need to cut off paper cards, we will offer you a digital flatbed cutter.

Beside, for the problems that you are worried about, such as the machine effect, the cost efficiency, and other problems, our engineers will take all these into consideration for choosing the appropriate machine for you.