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Photo Tour

Take a photo tour around VICUT factory and get a feel for why an increasing number of international CNC machine buyers have gradually relied on us for their precision routing, cutting, engraving, and marking solutions. VICUT is a dedicated Chinese CNC router provider. Spacious workshops, talented workers, and top-notch CNC machining center, waterjet cutter, and other engraving machines are featured in these photos.

VICUT CNC machining center is a representation of our technical strength in electromechanical integration. Remember that each machining center can be customized to suit customer specific needs. From aerospace to automobile industry, from basic machining work to mold making, VICUT machining center is sure to meet the rough machining and precision machining needs of picky customers. With our CNC machining center, operators can also perform a variety of milling and boring tasks.

Right after the work-piece to be machined is clamped down on the worktable, VICUT CNC system would automatically set the machine on different working modes, select different procedures, change and align tools, and alter spindle rotating speed and material supply amount. With one VICUT CNC machine, operators can do various drilling, milling, broaching, and taping jobs without relocating the work-piece which reduces machine downtime spent in fixturing work-piece, measuring, machine tool adjustment. VICUT CNC machine works perfectly for machining high-precision parts with complex shapes which require frequent modifications.

Tough taking up the least space among all the workshops, the assembly area is where the most critical step of manufacturing process is taken.

Every day, parts newly produced within the machining workshop are sent here for assembly. Simple as these machines may look, a closer view will reveal how sophisticated these equipment sets really are.

In the assembly workshop, talented mechanics are checking the quality of each assembly coming out of the assembly line. Problems will be solved immediately once they are found.

A Close-up Wiew of VICUT
Packing and loading view
Customer view