Ms. Vivien Ming
Marketing Director
Mobile: +86 15305605250
Tel.: +86 551 65774134


  • Our Value and Obligation

  • 1. We do business with integrity. No cheating or deception.

    2. We are committed to offering high quality product.

    We offer efficient and meticulous pre-sale communication, professional team of designing, strict check on material and accessory quality, strict implementation of manufacturing standard, rigorous testing and inspection before delivery.

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  • Suggestions for Machine Selection

  • VICUT can provide any OEM CNC engraving and cutting equipment, whatever your needs. VICUT can find a suitable model for you. VICUT engineers will offer every customer a unique set of solutions. We will take into consideration the quality, productivity, production cost, price and other factors, to work out the most suitable engraving equipment!

    To determine which type of VICUT is suitable for you, there are three questions you need to answer. Then our engineers can select a suitable model, and send you an offer!

    1: Which material do you want to process?
    The materials to process determines the CNC devices and the configuration you need. For example, CNC router carves or cuts off the surface of the material, so the machine body structure and components quality will affect the working performance very much.

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  • Top Reasons to Use Machine

  • 1. Low Operating Cost
    Investment in VICUT CNC machine can lower the operating cost by providing higher use efficiency and shorter production cycle, and can prevent manual cutting errors that waste expensive materials.

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